being towards death

radically accepting finitude

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 being-towards-death : radically accepting finitude*

there is death and dying and killing and being killed – and then there is killing yourself

according to the world health organisation every year over 800 000 people die from suicide – that’s one suicide every 40 seconds. in the us 34,000 people die each year by their own hand (i use that term loosely) so someone ends their own life in the us every 15 minutes on average. nearly twice as many people kill themselves each year in the us as are killed by others and more american veterans of iraq and afghanistan take their own lives than die in combat.

and then there’s dying
many people each day die against their will, but they are murdered : they die from a disease or in an accident or from old age. many people each day continue to live in spite of the fact that they would like to die. why? because they are suffering. they have a disease that causes them pain or misery or that prevents them from living the life they want to live or
the life they once lived and can no longer live

and thus ladies and gentlemen death is about life as life is about death
there is being and death and being and dying and there is being-towards-death


* the phrase radically accepting our finitude was appropriated from a post on timothy morton’s blog